AtomLAN is a long running LAN party style games event held at the Padworth Village Hall near Reading. Events typically take place over a 3 day weekend starting on a Friday at noon and finishing on a Sunday afternoon so games can be played 24hrs a day, if you have enough energy drinks.

BYOC £30 for the full weekend!
Sat-Sun BYOC only £25!

Our events are a Bring Your Own Computer type, which means for the absolute bargain standard price of £30 per person for the full weekend (or £25 if you get in early enough!) you can turn up with your machine, monitor and peripherals and play. Power and high speed local network are already setup for you, right to your allocated desk that you get to pick yourself when signing up. The friendly AtomLAN staff are always on hand to try and solve any problems while setting up your machine, or during the event.

You can look forward to:

– Gigabit Network for low latency gaming
– FTTC high speed internet connectivity
– 34 Seats and room for spectators/board gamers
– Full kitchen/cooking facilities on site
– Hot shower facilities
– Ample room for camping right outside the hall (no extra charges)
– Space in rear of hall for communal sleeping indoors, or a Holiday Inn within walking distance

Padworth Village Hall
Padworth Ln
Padworth, Reading


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Event Details

Reservations Until:11/11/2018 18:00
Starts on:09/11/2018 12:00
Ends on:11/11/2018 18:00