Sanctum Cardiff


SANCTUM is a celebration of everything we love, jam-packed together for an out of this world experience. Whether you’re ready to put sleep on the shelf among an array of energy drinks or prefer to keep an organised balance, our camping halls are always open and ready to welcome you home.


All our tickets come with full access to the Rapture Gaming Festival!

Come and enjoy titles including the likes of Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Minecraft, Overwatch, Roblox, Rocket League and Street Fighter, as well as various retro games and virtual reality experiences.

The daytime weekend shows are family-friendly and suitable for all ages, where guests can immerse themselves in a live gaming experience like no other. The main Rapture Stage will host tournament finals, interactive games and panel interviews with experts on how to become an online streamer. For adult gamers there’s even an 18+ night, creating a festival after-party atmosphere!

£60 BYOC

  • 24h access to LAN hall
  • Indoor sleeping
  • 1.25A Power guaranteed
  • 100Mb/s network
  • Tournament access
  • Access to Rapture Gaming Festival


£150 BYOC Prestige

  • 24h access to LAN hall
  • Indoor sleeping
  • 2.5A Power guaranteed
  • 2x 100Mb/s network
  • Tournament access
  • Priority Rapture Gaming Festival access
  • Gaming chair
  • Free drink on arrival


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Event Details

Reservations Until:09/09/2018 22:00
Starts on:07/09/2018 10:00
Ends on:09/09/2018 22:00